Flight Head Mini


The Flight Head Mini is the lightest of the Flight Heads from Filmotechnic. It’s designed around taking an Alexa Mini/Red with 17-80 Optimo and clip-on matt box or similar. Due to its lightweight carbon fibre design and stabilisation performance you can achieve unusual shooting angles while ensuring very stable images. It can be used on any size of camera crane, jib arm, tracking vehicle, dolly or cablecam that is rated to take the weight. It can be controlled by either handwheels, joystick or optional panbar and rigged in over or underslung configuration.


Fully Digital 3 Axis Gyro-Stabilised with Gyro Vertical Automatic Horizon Control
Built in RF Wireless 9 channels with a ½ mile line of sight range
Back-Pan Compensation is switchable for tracking plate shots
10 Move Record/Playback Repeatable Memory

  • Automatic Drift Compensation

  • Built in Variable Shake Generator

  • Soft Stops

  • Stabilised Lock Off mode, Individual axis can be set for each of these modes

  • Maximum Pan Speed 1.8 seconds per 360° from stationary and 0.8 seconds per 360° at speed

  • Pan Axis 3 revolutions in either direction

  • Tilt Axis 200° travel

  • Roll Axis 270° travel

  • Working Temperature range -40°C to +40°С

  • Light Weight at only 11kg

  • Payload capacity up to 15kg

  • Height 640mm

  • Width 490mm

  • Length 676mm

  • Standard Mitchell mount and Lightweight Rotary Mount

Power Requirements

  • 24-42 VDC

  • 1.2 Amps Standby

  • 15 Amps Din. Max

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