Camera Cars & Tracking Vehicles

We are fortunate to work alongside some of the best camera cars and tracking vehicle providers in the UK & Europe, regularly attaching our Flight Heads & tracking equipment to their vehicles to satisfy each brief. As an example of these, below serves as a small window into the vast array of vehicles and shooting platforms that are available on the market today.

Our bespoke ‘Fly Away’ Tracking Vehicle Package

We developed this ‘fly away’ kit to provide a bespoke service for many of our clients. They were reportedly finding tracking vehicles and capable crews thin on the ground when working abroad. We have packaged the equipment so that no individual box is heavier than 32kg. The equipment can simply fly in the hold accompanying a crew on their foreign shoots. The vehicle is sourced locally where is then transformed into a temporary camera tracking vehicle without any modification to the vehicle necessary. Once the shoot is wrapped the equipment is all removed and packaged for flying again, leaving the vehicle in its original state. Simple, effective and proving increasingly popular.

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Doka Camera Car

The Doka Camera Car is great all round tracking vehicle, think of it as a rolling studio which has been setup & tuned to also film cars at pace. With multiple front/rear platform setups and speed rail throughout; Cameras, Steadicams, Motorised Towers, Jib Arms, small Gimbals & larger Stabilised Heads, Lights, Reflectors can be rigged anywhere. The vehicle is just the right size for filming on busy city streets or on narrow UK & European country roads, where manoeuvrability and being nimble is preferred over size. Fitted out with video village & playback, wireless comms, 12v & 240v supplies, it is a great option on a budget. From decades of experience this, the third generation of vehicle, has evolved to be the ultimate in its class and has been endorsed by the Metropolitan Police Film Unit and vetted by a multitude of safety groups including 1st OPTION. Purpose built by manufacturer approved coach builders and certified road legal from new, this is a highly customised vehicle which is now a long way from the original vehicle it started life as. The Doka Camera Car undergoes constant investment and improvements as technology opens the door for even better equipment, techniques and setups.

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Nissan GTR High Speed Tracking Car ‘Godzilla’

This GTR high speed tracking car has to be one of the most impressive, and very possibly the fastest, camera tracking vehicle in the UK and Europe. We have been working alongside its owner Mauro, of Automotive Exposure, to help develop and his car with our equipment. Recently we have achieved some fantastic shots on programs including Amazons ‘The Grand Tour’ and commercials for Aston Martin. In just a short time, we have filmed super stable shots at focal lengths up to 240mm at speeds over 130mph. This is thanks to the combined knowledge and the invaluable input and support from a close circle of professional crews, not least the remote head technicians and fellow precision/racing drivers. With more development under way and future investment, this vehicle is destined to deliver shots unlike anything yet filmed.

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Russian Arm

The Russian Arm and the Flight Head are a remotely operated gyro stabilised camera crane system which maintains the camera’s stability whilst travelling at high speeds, across uneven roads or off-road. The Russian Arm is fully controlled from within the car and can operate at Higher speeds when required.

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