FCL Zero Rain Deflector


We have several of these fantastic rain deflectors which are without doubt the ultimate in their class. We regularly use them on the Russian Arms and for other head work on cranes and dolly work etc. Rotating at an incredible 5200rpm, water is seemingly dispatched before it even touches the glass. Our units have been customised to meet our requirements and are modified to accommodate as wide a lens as a 12mm Masterprime! The spinning optical flat can be removed in seconds, this function enables a super quick solution to shoot "clean" from the camera without the need to remove the whole unit from the camera package and replace it with a Matte Box. 


  • Each unit has two removable 6.6 x 6.6 filter stages, wired remote on/off, lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum construction, 19mm & 15 mm rod mounting brackets.

  • The power management electronics supply a constant current to the motors regardless the voltage (with in its voltage range).

  • That means the speed stays constant as the voltage drops or fluctuations due to line loss or battery losing charge.

  • It also means no more centre dot due to the glass slowing down.

  • Compatible with all lenses from a small prime to Optimo 12-1 Zoom. Ours have been modified to accommodate as wide a lens as a 12mm Masterprime and 25mm Primo Anamorphic lenses.

  • Max 162 mm lens front end diameter.

  • Rotation speed: 5200 rpm

  • Light Weight, only 2.7 kg.

  • Mounts to 19mm, 15 mm rods.

  • Panavision Mounting bracket available.

  • Power Requirements

  • 22-34 VDC

  • 3 Amps Running

  • 10 Amps Start up

  • Dimensions 12″ x 12″ x 4″

please get in touch for daily/weekly rental prices and to discuss your filming requirements.