Black-Tek Suspension Arm


The Black-Tek Carbon Fibre Suspension Arm is by far one of the lightest and most capable in its class. Its primary purpose is to absorb the unwanted shocks and vibration from the vehicle or mount it is attached to. With a five way adjustable shock and weighing in at only 5.6kg, this suspension arm is leagues ahead of its heavier predecessors. It is the perfect tool when overall weight is a consideration, for example on rickshaws, motorbikes, small boats & mobility vehicles


  • Carbon Fibre arm with Aluminium mounts and clamps

  • 5 way adjustable spring and dampening

  • payload of between 5 to 20kg

  • weighs just 5.6kg

  • 85x23x17cm (when level)

  • clamps to 33mm or 42mm tube

We are UK representatives for Black-Tek equipment, please get in touch for a demo, daily/weekly rental prices or to discuss your filming requirements.